Monday, January 21, 2013

ArtOrder Entries and Lolth

Some new pieces that I did recently. The first one is a painting of Lolth, the Drow spider queen in Dungeons and Dragons. The other two are my entries for the Nymph challenge at the ArtOrder, both are done in oils.


  1. I think that "Waiting For Spring" is one of best works you've ever created, Sidarth - certainly my personal favourite. It's doing everything right, yet feels admirably unlaboured and confident. It becomes more gorgeous the longer I look at it...

    1. Thanks so much, Dave, much appreciated! I loved your entry as well, had a wonderful, softer look to it that really stands out.

  2. Amazing work Sid, really love the Drow Spider Queen.

  3. Long time follower, first time commented. Man, you have really improving. It kind of came out of nowhere. Good job.