Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Not Dead

I should update this thing more often.
These are some digital pieces I did over Winter break for the Panels of the Week challenge on we had to do 5 comic covers and the topics were too irresistible for me. I'll post some of the work I've done this semester in a later post.

John Cotton. This one was the only topic with a description- the character is a slave who walked off the plantation and gave himself a name. The comic would be about what happens after he's gotten his freedom. This piece is really the first time I let myself get away with using strong color. Oh, and I basically stole the palette from a Harvey Dunn painting.

Amy's Doll. This one was open ended. At a glance this one's just supposed to contrast age and youth. The story I cooked up for it in my head is that Amy, the older woman, is using an android body- the 'doll'- to restore her youth. I still kind of want to do a series of these and explore the story a bit.

Lady in the Box. Open ended topic, pretty straightforward. A girl's going through a small box of a long-dead woman's (a family member?) things. Photos, letters, etc.

Tattoo. Also open ended, of the bunch this one really failed. It's got it's composition problems, but the main problem is the storytelling. The guy's obviously someone who works on Wall St., and for some reason is all tattoo'd up. Mysterious past? The bull was supposed to show the setting and give you an idea of what his character's like. I realized later that the Wall St. thing wouldn't make any sense to someone who's never seen that bull statue, so the picture isn't universal enough and doesn't aesthetically communicate anything about the character.

Frankenstein :). I did this one in the last 2 days so I didn't have time to plan it out. I'm pretty happy with how it came out on the whole, although those veins could stand to be reworked.