Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recent Illustrations

I really need to update this thing more often. Here are some illustrations from this semester so far. I'll upload some of my figure paintings later on.

Second assignment for Craig Nelson's class. Like any normal person, I love pirates, so out of the 50+ briefs we had to choose from, this was the obvious choice to illustrate. I've also been on a Pyle/Dunn/Wyeth kick for the past several months.

3rd assignment for Craig's class. I figured I'd do something non-violent for a change, and brief gave me an excuse to paint flowers.

This one was for Bill Maughan's class. I'd actually had the idea for this one kicking around for a few weeks, and it seemed like a good fit for the assignment, which was to do a Levi's ad around their current slogan, "We are all workers."

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